2016 (Videoloop)


My concept for this work is the text of Amanda Lears song "I AM A PHOTOGRAPH":

I am a glossy photograph
I am in colour and softly lit
Over exposed and well blown up
Carefully printed and neatly cut
You can look at me for hours
I won't mind, I let you dream
From the page of a magazine

I am a glossy photograph
Of course I am a bit retouched
And my colour has been processed
But cameras always erase
Fear Lurking behind a face
I am a lie and I am gold
But I Shall never grow old

My lips are parted
But they're not for kissing

My eyes are open
But I'm not listening
My breasts are round
But my heart ist missing
I am a photograph, I am a photograph
I'm better than the real thing

I am a glossy photograph
I am appearing by the magic
Of a Nikon automatic
Maybe I'm just a piece of paper
But some think that I am better
Cause photograph do not complain
Or cry, or love, or suffer



2016 (Video 16:13 min, soundesign by OKRA)


At the age of 16, Erfan fled Afghanistan for Switzerland, leaving his parents behind. He was caught at the Turkish border and sent to prison for five months. That is where a friend gave him this notebook. Erfan himself is turning the pages.



2015 (Video 11:30)

Die zwanzig Slovakian Landscapes Videos für diese Arbeit habe ich auf Youtube gesammelt. Während meiner Künstler Residenz in einem ländlichen Gebiet deren Slovakei fand ich die Isnpiration zu „Slovakian Landscapes“. Durch die Stile dieses Ortes und den Geräuschen die von weitem erklangen entdeckte ich meine Sensibiltät für Töne neu. So stiess ich im Netz auf das Phänomen „Strange Sounds“. Ein Video (LINK), das 2011 in Kiev aufgenommen wurde soll der Startschuss für „Strange Sounds“ gewesen sein. Zu diesem Phänomen wurden in den letzten Jahren zahllose Videos von Verschwörungsthoretikern im Netz geladen. In den Videos hört man oft gleichbleibende, sich wiederholende, posaunen artige Töne, die vom
Himmel herab zu klingen scheinen. Was den meisten dieser Videos fehlt sind klar prüfbare Angaben. Viele Verschwörungstheoretiker glauben, dass diese Klänge die bevorstehende Apokalypse oder Engelstrompeten sind, Skeptiker sprechen von seismischen Frequenzen oder Fakes. Die Menschen filmen diese Videos oft in der Natur oder von ihrer Terrasse (meist von Plattenbauten) aus.
Die Landschaften in der Splitansicht (immer zwei nebeneinander) scheinen gegeinander anzutreten oder zu verschmelzen und werden zu einem Orchester. Die Töne sind die Originaltöne der VIdeos, die ich zu einem abstrakten Lied im Stile „Neuer Musik“ zusammengeschnitten hab, die Landschaften scheinen durch die Splitdarstellung (zwei Videos nebeneinander miteinander zu verschmelzen oder gegen einander anzutreten) . EIn mysteriöses Landschaftsklangbild der Slowakei entsteht



2014 (C-Prints in different sizes with wooden frames)


The photographs of "DEER CROSSING" were taken by camera traps set up by hunters or biologists. I collected these pictures on the internet. In this series, I raise questions as to the image’s status in photography. Who holds the image’s copyright? Shouldn’t the photographs belong to everybody, since each and every photographer "steals" a moment from our common world? With these pictures, I carry this reasoning one step further, for in the case of these snapshots there is no photographer who presses the shutter button at the right moment. Who actually shoots the picture, the hunter or the biologist who sets up the trap? The camera trap itself? Pure chance or even the subject?



2012 (C-Prints, Framed, 50x70cm)


The pictures of the series "BODYBUILDER WITH DIFFERENT NEWSPAPERS IN FRONT OF DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS" come from the largest bodybuilder webpage on the internet. What we see are people presenting themselves half-naked with a newspaper. The newspapers are supposed to prove, oddly enough, what their physical appearance looked like on the date in question. More often than not, these people are cloaked in an aura of sadness, the dissatisfaction with their body is written all over their face. Nevertheless, they post these private pictures on the internet, thus showing them to thousands of people who may write comments in return. By going public, they want to motivate themselves to lose weight or to build up muscle.



2012 (Video Installation 5:31:00 hours)


I selected 150 youtube videos for this video installation. For the most part, they show hands of women tapping on various objects and surfaces with their nails. This phenomenon called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has not been confirmed by science. The ASMR effect is a tingling sensation in the head, triggered by certain sounds, that puts people into a state of relaxation or even trance.
The installation consists of three iPads that are connected to loudspeakers and a mixer. These videos, playing simultaneously, create a drumming sound space. "PEOPLE TAPPING ON DIFFERENT ITEMS" deals with issues of consumerism and intimacy in a post-internet age.



2012 (Image Projection, 7:42 min)


"ALL YOU CAN EAT" is a series of pictures I stumbled upon when surfing the internet. They show amateur footage of fanatic gun owners who want to show off their weapons. To prove the authenticity of their weapons, they portray them alongside their meals - very much in the tradition of still lifes. In an attempt to reduce the social value placed on these weapons, I arrange the pictures like a menu to draw attention to the food rather than the weapons. In this way, I make a critical statement on the availability of weapons and their relationship to modern conservative concepts of masculinity.




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